It takes a village.

Have you ever heard a saying that continues to prove itself over and over? I’ve met many kick-ass moms since I became one myself nearly 7 years ago (wow time flies!), but every single mom has needed a little help along the way. And that’s ok! Being a mom is hard work; probably the hardest work there is.


That’s why I started The Little Village Playroom, a week-day refuge for mothers, nannies, or any kind of caregiver who needs just a little help in the daily struggle of raising their child in the best way possible. The Little Village is a space where adults can bring their little ones for activities planned to stimulate their bodies and minds while the caregivers can have some time to send a few emails, have a quick meeting, or just a good cup of coffee. The adults can take some time to themselves in peace knowing their child is participating in sessions designed to help them learn and grow.


On the weekend, The Little Village turns into Birthday Party Central. When I was growing up, birthdays were a no-expense-spared event. My parents spent days planning and preparing for mine and my brother’s special day. Seeing the major impact it had on me growing up, I wanted to help provide that to other families and children. At The Little Village, cakes, decorations, and entertainment are customizable to your little one’s interest to ensure their party is something they talk about with all their friends.


The Little Village Playground is a place of productivity and a place of play, a place of community and a place of creativity, a place of function and fun. Our village is here to help you and your little one however you need it. Stop by and let us introduce ourselves.

Amy Sample
Founder & Creative Director