Completely Derailed... by Vomit

How is it that I wake up actually wanting to be productive, we get out of the house, start our day and then one of them throws up.

One adult getting sick and calling off of NOTHING like a little one being sick. This completely derailed not just my day, but also the mom of the child we were taking for the day to have a play date with, and the 3 meetings I had to reschedule, as well as everything else that was on my to do list for the day.

It's hard to be mad at this little face....but I did find myself instantly frustrated with how upside-down my day had become in ONE unexpected moment. We've watched 3 movies before noon, and she won't let me leave her side. I know, I'll miss these days one day....right?


She fell asleep at 5pm, being wide awake and ready to get up for the day at midnight....oh and she was starving! So we made macaroni and cheese at 1:40am and watched another movie....praying that pasta was going to stay down. It did, but we didn't go back to sleep until day #2 is now derailed.

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