Craft Kit A Video and Supplies

With all of our craft kits we'll have accompanying videos!

We'll post all of the printable sheets and supply list if you want to print your own.

A is for Alligator, Alien and Apple.

Here is Kit A:

All Printable Sheets for A Here.

Materials for A is for Alligator

  • “A” sheet

  • White Triangle Teeth

  • Green Squares

  • 2 White Circle Eyes

  • 5-6 letter “A” Squares

  • Optionally Needed: Glue Stick/Elmer’s glue

Materials for Alien

  • Paper Plate Alien

  • All Foam Stickers (mouth, one or two eyes, colorful dots)

  • Either Pipe Cleaner or Foam Hat/Horns Sticker

  • Optionally Needed: Crayons or Markers

Materials for Tissue Paper Apple

  • Apple Sheet

  • Red and Green Tissue Paper

  • Pencil

  • Needed: Elmer’s glue

Have Fun! #Littlevillageplayroom

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