Disclaimer & The Start

So I’ve been meaning to post regular blogs since even before day one of operation...but you know, I didn’t have time to send each post to an editor. Lord knows I would have misspelled words, run on sentences, and loads of cuss words/editing. So I didn’t write, but there have been so many many times I’ve been lost in my head writing these “posts” (that I never actually wrote down). So, I suppose I've actually just been living in my head....talking to myself....for this long.

This serves as my disclaimer, my disclaimer to all of the imperfections that will come out of my mouth, through this blog app that has been on my phone (again, since before day one of operation) making this so “simple” and leave no excuses to NOT WRITE.

It‘s only the perfect start to explain the culture of the Little Village though. We aim to be an absolutely judgment free zone for both little ones and their mommas/daddy’s/nanas/nanny’s. An escape, a place to be......Just Be. You may find me or my staff in our work shirts one day...or in our yoga pants among you the next day. We are moms/sisters/nannies....we get it. We're here to be a part of a community. A community of caregivers to celebrate the successes of all of us getting out of the house alive one day, and to commiserate with on the joys of tantrums and potty training with the next. We're here for you...we're not perfect, but we're here!

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