How in the hell does this work?

We open one week from what do we actually do? How does this work?

Before I had Connor I had no idea what a place like this was, Indiana is always a little later to the game. But let me tell cafe's have saved my sanity. It's as simple as a place to get yourself up and out of the house in the morning. A new change of scenery after days of being at home. A place where I can answer a few emails, read a book, or actually have a professional meeting while my kids are being entertained right in front of me....and not by the tablet or my iPhone.

Here's how it works:

Go to our reservation page and reserve a slot on-line to play. (There's a discount for reserving vs dropping in.)

Bring your own food, snacks, drinks, or purchase snacks and drinks from us.

Enjoy free Coffee and Wifi as your littles play!

Scheduled activities are shown on our calendar, but our staff will be leading multiple play activities throughout the day as well. Stay for your 2 hour slot, or longer if we are not at capacity!

Our Day @ Play is a Daily Rate, so you can come back after nap time/Costco trip if you want!

It's as simple as that, really.

We will have a calendar full of activities that you can coordinate your playtime with. Itty Bitty Yogis with Silly Hearts Yoga for Kids, Story Time, Crafts, Dance Parties and more. Just check out our calendar page, and choose a coordinating Day @ Play with the activity you want. All activities during our Day @ Play time are included in daily admission price.

Want to Save $$? Purchase Passes! We have a 5 Pass, 10 Pass or 15 Pass....ALL valid for 2 years. Yes, TWO Years. The more you buy, the more you save. These make GREAT gifts for new moms, new grandmas, birthday gifts, mother's day gifts....even father's day gifts! Oh, and I have a lot of Realtor® Friends.......these are great gifts for your clients as well!

Memberships. This is also a great way to save even more $$. If you live in the West Clay-Zionsville area, this is a must. A membership will allow you to drop-in an unlimited amount! So, you need to bribe the kids on the way to Costco? A trip to the Little Village Playroom on the way home is perfect! Have weekly conference calls? Come to the Little Village Playroom! Need a reason to get out of the house to start the week every Monday AM? The Membership will pay for itself over and over. But it's not just unlimited visits.

  • Unlimited coffee (Day @ Play admission gets you one cup, but if you're like me then you'll need 3 cups/hour.)

  • +1 Pass every Quarter for a friend to join you

  • $ Credit towards a private party

  • Member only event invites (like the Grand Opening this summer)

Oh, and we love to accommodate groups, theres a discount for that too!

If you ever have questions, feel free to drop in and ask.

Little Village Playroom

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