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Updated: Dec 31, 2018

We love being able to take our littles to fun places to meet with friends or blow off steam, but as you know, the closest options were a hefty drive to Fishers or further. That’s why we settled The Little Village Playroom within our community.  I have no problem in saying location was the biggest factor in Little Village’s creation. Located at 9850 N Michigan Rd, that particular spot was highly coveted by me and my team. Having a space west of Highway 31 where I can go to take my kids during the day so I could get a few emails done sounded like heaven on earth.

I love the spot where we ended up. We’re within a 5 minute drive of so many housing developments in Carmel, West Carmel, and Zionsville, giving us access to the 465 loop and plenty of other important Indianapolis areas. The Little Village is going to be the only place of its kind in reach of so many moms, nannies, and other caregivers who are looking for something stimulating for their kids during the day.

Location Little Village Playroom: 9850 N Michigan Rd, Carmel

There are so many situations I’ve run into myself as a mom where I would have loved a place like The Little Village Playroom:

Planning to run errands with the kids but they’re full of energy? Stop by beforehand and let them get it out of their system outside of the house!

You’ve just run some errands and the kids are worked up because they were being good at the mall and need to run around a little bit.

A meeting with a client falls on a time where you can’t find a nanny. We’ll keep them busy while you close that deal.

Working from home can mean not leaving the house for days at a time if you’re not careful. Bring the kids and get some work done!

The Little Village Playroom’s location was picked so we could be a resource for the Carmel, West Carmel and Zionsville community. We’re here to provide you and your child the space to get done what you need to get done in a safe and satisfying way.

Starting this January 2019, visit us at 9850 N Michigan Rd. Stop in and say hello! We’d be happy to show you around.  If you’re curious about what we do here at The Little Village Playroom, check out our activities page!

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