Mr. Craig: If you haven't met him yet, you should.

Building creativity in children is possible through many different avenues. I’m Craig Smith and I’ll be working with your littles at The Little Village Playroom to help them explore and discover as they grow.

My creativity was the result of a convergence of events in my early years. My family all lived together in a rural area of Marion, Indiana; rural enough we needed to be creative when searching for activities and fun.  When we later moved to a nearby town, my creativity was expressed through my interest in the arts and was fostered at school with unlimited freedom through independent study classes. These were art classes of one student, myself, in a room with the ambiance of an upstairs storage room... because it was an upstairs storage room.  I am grateful my education was tailor-made for me to promote my interest and creativity, and I believe a place like The Little Village Playroom can utilize creativity through the arts to fuel social and cognitive growth in your littles.

Do you remember when your math and science teachers would say, "This will be part of your everyday life!" and you really didn't think so... because calculators? Well, I can say with confidence they were right. I find math and science are still everywhere in life and helpful to explore creativity expressed through the arts. We can use rhythm, symmetry, asymmetry, patterns, anomalies, emotion, etc. to stimulate the youngest and most malleable of minds. The developmental benefits of the arts are broken down nicely into 7 different categories in this PBS article, namely Motor Skills, Language Development, Decision Making, Visual Learning, Inventiveness, Cultural Awareness, and Improved Academic Performance. As you can imagine, these developmental benefits lead to life skills, which are no less important than any core curricula. They are the foundational building blocks of leading a creative life. I would add Independence/Self-Confidence as an 8th category, perhaps as an overarching life skill.

If you have ever witnessed the shining light-bulb behind a child's eyes as I have in my nieces and nephews, then you already have seen the result of using art, math and music to create learning connections in children. The Little Village Playroom promises to incorporate all of this, and more, into your child’s time with us.

Mr Craig @ The Little Village Playroom

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