Next Steps

Our Next Steps

Ok, so we can't do open play right now, and that stinks....but we will be able to again some day! I do miss all your faces, the conversation and most of all the community we've built together. But we are all survivors...we have to be, we're parents! As a small business owner, this was a big hit personally. And as a "not my first business" small business owner, I'm working on grants and loans to be able to get us through this uncharted territory. I'm also working on trying to keep my employees with a little cash in their pockets to survive, which is where our next plan comes into place.  This isn't a new idea, there are lots of other, larger, companies making these on a day to day basis....but we're hoping these items can help us survive.

We will be offering To-Your-Door Craft Kits. (see more on how these are FREE below)

We are still working on our drop off Summer Camps - ....and offering a $10 COVID discount for those. :) Yes, I have a strange sense of humor.

And our private event's are still scheduling for June and July! If you have a small business, please let us know how you're stuck so we can help you. I'm always game for collaboration. See you all on the other side! Stay Healthy, Amy - owner of LVP

To-Your-Door Craft Kits

It gets tiring and is JUST as much work to find a craft idea, and gather the materials...and then your printer runs out of ink!So, we'll do that part for you. Each Kit comes with an alphabet Letter in mind! Offering materials for: 3 crafts printed coloring sheets and more fun activites your child can follow along with us on our Facebook page to make, or make on their own... all in the comfort of your home.And what kid doesn't like to get mail?!?! Purchase for your little ones or as a gift for others! Delivered/Shipped within 24 hours. We'll even have work along video's on our Facebook Page!! We're going to start with the Letter A....and our first Video will post Friday AM! Just in time for you all to receive your kits and be LIVE with us!Each kit will receive a Free Day @ Play pass for our return opening. (that's a $17 basically your kits are FREE!)

Week 1: (Update Sold Out. Twice) Letter A $15

Week 2:

Letter B


Purchase Kits Here.

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