Open Play is back....but a little different.

We are trying to create different ways to help our community of parents/caretakers, but also keep them all safe. So here are some options:

  • Private PlayDates

  • Limited Seating Drop Off Camps

  • By Reservation Only Open Play

So, what are the differences:

Private PlayDates:

You have the Playroom all to yourself...and whoever only YOU invite for up to 18 people!

2 hours of play time

All outside food/drink allowed.

Temperatures will be taken at the door for each visitor.

Book your date here.

Drop Off Camps:

Limited to only 6 kids. These are Drop off 3 hour camps.


We will provide open play, snack, craft and activity!

We will have everything from Science Camps, to Art Camps to Music Camps.

Temperatures will be taken at the door for each visitor.

For Potty Trained kiddos up to 7 years old.

See our camp dates here.

By Reservation Only Open Play:

Open to the Public, BUT by reservation Only!
Sessions will be 10am-Noon on selected days only.

Parents must stay during the 2 hour play. All outside food and drink welcome. 

Masks required on adults at all times.

Maximum 5 parents per play session.

Less than 3 parent/reservations will result in cancellation of that day's open play.

Book your Open Play.

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