Reasons why.

Today I was able to stop, for a moment, and celebrate the reason for all of this....and we were celebrating at the Little Village Playroom of all places!

The reason I questioned life’s priorities, the reason I lost who I thought I was and then had to re-find myself. The reason I found my body had more flexibility than I ever thought humanly possible. My drive, my laughter, and my frustrations are all him.

The reason I do a million things at once, just to show him I Can! Why I had to find balance in work-life. Why I found a passion for creating the Little Village Playroom. The reason I had to learn it was ok to ask for help and to fail and to let others pick up the pieces......that it takes a village to stay sane!

He’s made me into the person I am and time has absolutely flown by watching him become the little person he is today. We still have some growing to do together buddy, and I love you! Happy 7th Birthday Connor.

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