Waiting to Exhale

Went by the Little Village Playroom today, and it was the weirdest site. It has never been so still there. Like it was frozen in time for the last month. Everything was just transitioned from February to March, the calendar, the decorations, and now here it is April.

Everything was cleaned and put away, and hadn't been touched or moved or out of place. It was a very surreal moment in such a usually loud and colorful place. It was as if everything took a huge breath in, and then didn't move....waiting to exhale. Everything is just waiting to be played with again, paper waiting to be colored on, and parties waiting to happen.

Outside though, there were signs of Spring. Flower's we planted in Spring of 2019 are re-appearing. Saying, "we're still here!" Even the mulch was delivered and put into place. Just a bit longer friends.....Just a bit longer!

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