Rules and Guidelines

Please read all rules and guidelines to ensure a happy and safe visit.
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Prior to play, a waiver must be filled out and signed by all adults. Waivers are available upon arrival at The Little Village Playroom or online at:

Parents and caregivers must stay on-site. We will help make sure your child/children are having fun, but you are are responsible for your children at all times.

We are a shoe-free facility. Socks are required and are available for purchase.

No sick kids please. Help us keep this a healthy environment for everyone.

Food and Drink:

We sell non-perishable snacks and outside food and drink is welcome.

While The Little Village Playroom welcomes outside food and drink, food deliveries for large groups and/or serving cake during open play hours is stricly prohibited without the express, written permission of the management. Customers in violation of this policy will be asked to leave or will be assessed a $250 semi-private party fee.


We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who arrives without a child.

Roughhousing is strictly prohibited.

It is recommended that children must be 6 years or younger for public open play. (Exceptions can be made for private events, sibling policy or special needs.)


Our goal is to keep our visitors happy and healthy. If you visit while you or your child is ill, you may be asked to come back when everyone is feeling better to help prevent the spread of illness. Thank you for your cooperation in this very important policy.



Your and your child(ren)'s health is a top priority. We contract out for cleaning 7 nights a week to care for the interior of the space.

Toys are sanitized nightly using all-natural products and are washed/cleansed during down times during the day. We avoid spraying cleaners when children are present. Chewed or licked toys can be taken off the play floor by placing them in the dirty toy bin.

Carpets are professionally steam cleaned a minimum of every quarter, and as needed.

Thank you for helping us to maintain a clean, safe, and fun indoor play environment!

Older Sibling Policy:

What an exciting time! When siblings actually play with their younger brothers and sisters!

We have just a few items we need your attention to:

- We value family time and understand if you want to bring older siblings for play time with their younger siblings.
- All equipment within The Little Village Playroom is designed and built safe for children under 6 years old. Older siblings may be too big for some equipment so please use your own good judgment. 
- We ask that all children are respectful to our young guests and our equipment.
- Our goal is to ensure the younger children’s play time is not interrupted, unsafe or distracted in any way.
- All older siblings aged 7 years old and under will be charged admission prices if entering play area.
- All older siblings aged 8 years old and over are considered “helpers” and will not be charged.
- If there is any rough play or behavior that is impacting other guests positive play time we reserve the right to ask older siblings to sit with you in the cafe area.
- This revised age policy is valid for siblings only and can be revoked at any time. 
- We appreciate your help in continuing to foster the best possible play space for our AWESOME babies and toddlers.